Like Memories

Tattoos Tell Our Story

But Can Age With Time

Tattoos can fade and with time, blur and become hard to make out. Tattoos can be refreshed and restored to brand new, for a fraction of the cost of removal.

Tattoos Are Like Our Memories. They Are Attached to us Forever, But Always Fading With The Passage of Time.

Tattoos connect us to our past, and help us hold our memories dear. Over time tattoos quality tends to degrade, victim to time and sun damage. At Tattoo Renovation we are dedicated to restoring your old tattoos and the unique memories they hold.

Finding a good tattoo artist that will fix-up or repair existing tattoos can be difficult, we hope to change that. We offer quality tattoo repair service, fixing up old faded tattoos, making them into the vibrant masterpieces they were always meant to be.

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Hold Your Date

Deposits are required to book any appointment. The deposit is the same as the minimum rate, and is non-refundable .

$150/ non-refundable.


Individual Pieces

Priced at Consult

Most projects are priced individually at the time of your free online consultation. There are some exceptions to this such as larger scale projects.




Day Rate

Larger scale projects or multiple projects may benefit from booking a full-day appointment. This can represent a significant discount for larger projects.

$900/  daily



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